Materiality of ideas

Architecture is the art of blending culture with emotions; it is multi-sensory and manifests itself through materials. Building materials and construction techniques act as mediators for this blending. Materials and their inherent qualities evoke feelings and reveal the meaning behind an idea. As Steven Holl stresses, “Total perception of architectural spaces depends as much on material and detail of the haptic realm as the taste of a meal depends on the flavours of authentic ingredients.”

Domus India 10 (Sept 2012)

When we look around us more often than not we come across a visual landscape where materials are chosen at the end of the design process, as if they are a mere afterthought, a colour of paint applied to the building after the design has been formulated. Whether in the classroom or in practice, one cannot consider design without regard to material. There are a growing number of practices today that in their individual capacity are trying to focus on informing architecture through materiality. Rahoul Singh Design Associates, based in New Delhi and led by Rahoul Singh, is one such practice that focusses on scale, locale and materiality during the design and construction process.

To read further grab a copy of this month’s Domus (Indian Edition) or subscribe at Spenta Multimedia.

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Leisurely brunch at Lagerbay

Lagerbay located on waterfield road, is a fairly new joint in Bandra. It is where the once legendary Zenzi stood. Though I had never been to Zenzi; Lagerbay feels strangely familiar.

Lagerbay sounds more like a bar but  once inside you will be eased by a casual bistro like atmosphere. With cool grey bison board clad walls – which gives the space a warm industrial feel. The walls are also adorned in engaging humorous pop-art frames.

with Ayesha and Amrita, Image courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

As always some of us arrived relatively earlier for brunch but Barrington happily seated us right away. He also promptly took our drink orders. I called for a Mojito, which felt slightly strong but was the perfect drink to help me cool down from the muggy weather outside.

During our second round of drinks we made our way over to the cold spread. We had salads, cold cuts, grilled chicken and devilled eggs to choose from. The grilled pesto chicken, made for a simple and delicious dish. The seafood mix in a light creamy sauce was fresh; both Amrita and I could not help going back for seconds (second helpings allow people to appreciate the food more). The beef carapaccio on a bed of arugula was a little disappointing as the meat was not as tender and the dish required a light dressing of olive oil and salt.

For the main course, four of us called for lamb burgers. The sweet succulent lamb burger with a cilantro yogurt dressing in a fresh bun got better with every bite. Also the mushroom risotto that one of us had called for had a nice creamy consistency and was well seasoned.

Brunch banter with Megs, Huzefa and Namita, Image courtesy Batul and Huzefa Rangwala

From Mojitos to Caipiroska(which were a little watered down) to the sour apple martinis served in old-fashioned glasses the wait staff made sure that we did not go thirsty. Our conversations were mad. We spoke about Bombay tekshi drivers, running the  every guy was accused of being a baby(the reason behind girls carrying big weighty bags) but then of course there was just one prashious baby amongst us. From weighty bag issues we went on to discuss light uplifting wonderbras and their effective results on the x and y-axis. Soon after that conversation we were impersonating bbm emoticons. In the midst of this madness we even planned to make a trip to east India next January.

Shahshank, Batul, Zarrin and Amit, Image courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

We had quite a few new people joining us this time. Hope that our conversations and banter won’t keep them away from the next brunch.

Lulu’s cupcakes and Megs, Image courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

Megs and the rest of the brigade surprised me with some lip smacking cupcakes from Lulu’s cupcakes. Cupcakes are special they are sweet baked memories and for me they reminded me of New York. Thank you and hugs for everyone.

with Huzefa, Namita, Fatema, Batul and Prashious Prash, Image courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

With it’s relaxed atmosphere, friendly service and a helpful owner like Naveen – Lagerbay is a wonderful setting for a sunday brunch. After brunch some of us walked over to Megs place to watch the French Open finals. Cheers.

Also now with Bombay requiring you to carry a silly liquor permit that will allow you to consume alcohol – there is a sign at Lagerbay that promises to help you out in acquiring that permit within a week.

Bombay Brunch Brigade meets once a month. The purpose of this group is to meet  – have fun, find a travel partner, a date(may be), share brain farts and savour brunches. We will be exploring different brunch places all over Bombay. Join our Facebook group for the next brunch date and location information.

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Carnival for a Cause

Bombay Brunch Brigade religiously goes out for brunches. We look forward to brunch every month like Bahai’s look forward to their 19th day feast. In May it was special – as we got to brunch for a cause.

Every year Elle India organizes Carnival for a Cause in select cities. This year it was held at the Taj Mahal Hotel. All the money raised went to the Ogaan Cancer Foundation, which supports the Women’s Cancer Initiative, Tata Memorial Hospital with this event.

The Crystal Room at the Taj was the perfect setting for an urban mela. There were designer clothes and accessories from some of India’s best designers available at discounted prices. Fun-fair activities such a clairvoyants revealing fortunes, tarot card reading, a photo studio, balloon animal making and a silent auction.

Abhik in Quirk Box’s Toy Factory Soldiers Jacket, Image Courtesy Anuja Gupta

Where most people showed up in pink our very own fashionable Abhik showed up in Quirk Box’s Toy Factory Soldiers Jacket, which became an instant favourite. Abhik and I were early(as always for brunch) so we quickly walked through the sale booths and picked up a few nifty accessories like bags and sunglasses.

Amishi holding up a bottle of Turning Point, Image courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

From here we moved towards the bar area. There were plenty of options from champagne too Grey Goose Vodka, Peroni’s beer and Turning Point wine. We kicked off the afternoon with some champagne. At the bar when we saw the Turning Point bottles we remembered that our friend, Amishi Parekh had designed the packaging and or graphics for the wine.

Our conversations were filled with stories, banter and laughter. If I can recollect we spoke about Condé Nast Architectural Digest’s Indian edition launch, Abhik’s jacket, gyming (how appropriate as we indulged) and that we need to vacation.

(L) with Anuja, Image courtesy Manoj Sharma and (R) with Almas, Image courtesy Anuja Gupta

At the bar we nibbled on some candied prawns, satay chicken and popcorn out of bento boxes. After a few drinks we moved over to the adjoining ballroom for the main meal, which consisted of salads, pasta, chaats, mini burgers, Thai curries, biryani and risotto. The dessert counter had crepes, kulfi, baklawa and a candyfloss station.

As I was busy stuffing my mouth Nonita Kalra, editor-in-chief of ELLE India walked over with Dia Mirza to introduce her to Abhik. Dia Mirza has the most beautiful smile, she is attractive and carries herself well. Other celebrities and designers that showed up to support the cause were Narendra Kumar, Purab Kohli, Aki Narula, real estate baron Niranjan Hiranandani, Lisa Haydon and Nikhil Dwivedi.

So at this brunch we shopped, drank and ate for a cause. What a sunday – we all had a good time and that too for a good cause.

Bombay Brunch Brigade meets once a month. The purpose of this group is to meet  – have fun, find a travel partner, a date(may be), share brain farts and savour brunches. We will be exploring different brunch places all over Bombay. Join our Facebook group for the next brunch date and location information.

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Brunch Happiness

Weekends are made for brunching — catching up with friends, lingering over a few (or many) belinis. With the Bombay night party scene taking a hit with numerous raids as Bombay cops see partying as the biggest threat there has never been a better time than now to support brunches around the city.

In the past few months Bombay Brunch Brigade has been to various spots for brunching…

Cricket on the beach.

Cricket on the beach, Image courtesy Amishi Parekh

Huzefa at Vie, Image courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

In December we were at the Vie Lounge & Deck, which is located on Juhu Beach with panoramic views of the sea. We chose to sit out on the deck under their huge umbrellas over sitting inside in their air-conditioned lounges. Outside as planes fly above, various groups play cricket and volleyball below.

with Anuja, Antariksh, Amrita and Abhik at Vie

with Anuja, Antariksh, Amrita and Abhik at Vie, Image courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

With an irresistible selection of cocktails where Vie fell short was the food. There literally was no food. Despite no food and incompetent service we revelled in the expansive view, danced till the sun went down and left with brunch happy faces.

with Abhik, Saurabh, Amishi, Amrita, Batul, Suddha and Shalini at Vie

In January after running the half-marathon we headed to Pizzeria(now Pizza by the Bay), which was the perfect place for refueling. The warm toasty pizza with greasy pepperoni and chilled beers was most refreshing. With it’s corner location and breezy views of the Arabian sea, it makes for one of Bombay’s best pizza joints. The aroma of fresh-baked pizzas lures you off the curb and the warm pizza is one of the most wonderful comfort foods.

In March we headed over to the Olive Bar & Kitchen at Mahalaxmi. This truly was a lazy brunch, which is what a brunch should be. The drinks light and refreshing. Their fresh-baked breads and especially the focaccia deserves a special mention, warm and buttery. Their spread includes fresh salads, grilled meats and savoury dips. They also served us their thin crust pepperoni pizzas that were not as desired. The Mojito’s were the drink for the day. With a range of baked goods and desserts to choose from the chocolate balls and tiramisu were decadent. Designed by Nozer Wadia and located near the Amateur Riders Club, the space is rustic and the service warm. Midway through brunch we saw Nozer a table away enjoying a lazy afternoon at Olive. (In the past we have been to Olive Bar and Kitchen in Bandra)

The Bombay brunch scene has a lot to offer and we have a lot more to explore. So if you are looking for a lazy fun-filled brunch experience then join the Bombay Brunch Brigade. If you know or have a favourite brunch place do post in the comments below! Happy Brunching!

Bombay Brunch Brigade meets once a month. The purpose of this group is to meet  – have fun, find a travel partner, a date(may be), share brain farts and savour brunches. We will be exploring different brunch places all over Bombay. Join our Facebook group for the next brunch date and location information.

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An unforgettable multi-sensory experience

In November on a Sunday morning before heading out for brunch Ingrid, Stephan and myself headed over to the Dadar Flower Market. It is one of Bombay’s largest wholesale flower markets. On a Sunday morning the station was not as crowded as it is on the weekdays.

The market is located right outside the station entrance within the by-lanes, spilling over onto the main road and under the flyover. The rising scent from the fresh flowers tries hard to deodorize the filth filled air. The street-scape is layered with street side sellers with their flower-filled baskets and shops selling flower by the weight.

Some flower sellers insisted that they be photographed. Charmed by Ingrid, a particular flower seller insisted she take a rose and handed her a wilting rose.

After soaking in the colourful sight we began walking down the road towards the Dadar market and the rose scented air was traded with the smell of a sea-like odor. We were surrounded by men unloading trucks, men and women balancing baskets and buckets of fish. The surface beneath our feet was covered in fish-juice, this was certainly no Pike Place Market. There was plenty of catfish to be found and they were live and gave of an eerie vibe. One such catfish bounced off and tried to escape only to land on the muddled juice-filled floor. It was then thrown back into the same basket and packed off in a taxi for delivery.

We then dashed off to Cafe Madras for an early brunch. Located off King’s Circle this cafe is known for the South Indian fare that they serve. The cafe caters to regulars and a growing number of tourists. After a twenty-minute wait we were seated by a window on the lower level. This two-level cafe is simple, tight on space with walls painted unevenly and the owners have chosen to keep it that way but that has not stopped them from growing popular.

The service was prompt and friendly. The options were incredible. We called for idlis, medu vadas, rasam vada, ragi dosa and upma podi. I have always avoided rasam but I was blown away by this south Indian soup and the rasam absorbed vada’s that were truly divine and melted in your mouth right-away, I felt blessed. Ingrid seemed to have a cold and a bowl of Rasam worked like magic and was very comforting.

Upma is another dish that I always found to be dry and never appetizing. Our server insisted that we call for it – and guess what we ended up calling for more. Upma podi was essentially an upma cake like an idly covered in a yogurty coconut chutney. It complemented the dryness of the upma really well and was an instant winner.

Sambhar, a lentil based broth made with a medley of vegetables and tamarind is what let me down at Cafe Madras. I found it to be a tad bit bland and boring. The ragi dosa felt healthy and was crisp.

Our conversations that day circled around real estate, urban planning and informal growth of the city. Ingrid and Stephan’s experiences in the city and their experiences on the local trains kept us in splits.

We ended our meal with cups of hot and frothy Madras filter kaapi(coffee). The service is quick but polite not once did we feel rushed. However we behaved and let go of our seats so that the next group of diners were not kept waiting.

Bombay Brunch Brigade meets once a month. The purpose of this group is to meet  – have fun, find a travel partner, a date(may be), share brain farts and savour brunches. We will be exploring different brunch places all over Bombay. Join our Facebook group for the next brunch date and location information.

Stephan and Ingrid are in the city working on an independent research project exploring the informal aspects of the city. To learn more visit Interdisciplinary Structure for Sustainable Space research.

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Dim sum ‘n’ more

After skipping brunch last month I was really looking forward to brunch at Vongwong which occupies the first floor at the Express towers. It is located well off of marine drive behind the iconic Air India building and across from the Trident(earlier the Oberoi Hotel). Located on the first floor of this mundane looking office tower the space has plenty of natural light filtering in and high ceilings. The tables are well spaced, making it a luxurious dining experience – ideal for a relaxing afternoon with friends.

The staff is very friendly and do not hover around the table. The brunch includes a salad bar, dim sums served at the table, an entrée, a khow suey station, a platter of desserts and designer cocktails. The sunday brunch is accompanied by a musician who visits each table with a guitar in hand taking in requests.

In order to maximize our brunch time we do not wait for everyone to get there and started off by calling for their designer cocktails. I had the Head or Tails which was a concoction of melon, cucumber essence and vodka. It was a refreshing start that was followed up by a caipirinha, a checkmate (whiskey and apple juice) – which was delightful but could have been better with a dash or two more of whiskey. While most of us began with drinks my friend Rohini as always began with a plateful of desserts that she found to be strictly ok.

We skipped the salad bar and requested that the dim sums be served immediately. We had steamed pork, chicken and tenderloin dumplings. The pork dumplings were tasteless, the chicken passable and the tenderloin gratifying. We were also served a variety of crispy chicken – that were good. With a hint of wasabi and mayonnaise the deep-fried wasabi prawns drizzled with parsley were truly divine, I must admit I got greedy and had quite a few. After which I still tried the khow suey and was disappointed.

This time at brunch we missed some of our regulars but we also had a few first timers. Satyam who worked in the same office as me in New York joined the brigade to see what all the fuss is about. I think he left satisfied. Also joining us was Stephan an architect from Austria, who is in Bombay working on an independent research project exploring the informal aspects of the city. To learn more visit Interdisciplinary Structure for Sustainable Space research.

Midway through brunch our server walked over offering us magic shots and he approached Amrita first since she seemed to be having the most fun. The shot included two pieces of fruits a tea-spoon of pop rocks and a mouthful of a mysteriously looking red coloured syrupy vodka. The shot should be rechristened mouth cracker.

Our conversations that afternoon were amusing they ranged from discussing pop culture, trashy television shows from Big Boss to Rakhi Sawant to the Indian version of Masterchef that was really disappointing to the various neighbourhoods/ areas that make up the framework that is Bombay. As Stefan noted that our conversations were like a whirlpool as they would start somewhere but then come back to Bollywood. Shahrukh Khan, the overplayed song Chammak Challo by Akon and the Ra.One doll that is on Prashant’s birthday wish list.

I was most intrigued by the conversation about the surfing swamis that reside in Karnataka and a search online revealed the numerous surfing ashrams, associations, bespoke surf companies that exist in India.

The brunch was as it was meant to be – an afternoon of endless dim sums and bottomless cocktails. I would definitely like to go back for the wasabi prawns and the stress free ambience. After brunch we took a heady walk along Marine Drive.

Bombay Brunch Brigade meets once a month. The purpose of this group is to meet  – have fun, find a travel partner, a date(may be), share brain farts and savour brunches. We will be exploring different brunch places all over Bombay. Join our Facebook group for the next brunch date and location information.

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The power and magic of imagination

This past saturday I was given the opportunity to share my love and passion for architecture with the Responsible Champions. This third grade class of the Dharavi Transit Camp Municipal School are being nurtured by Srini Swaminathan, a Teach for India fellow. To know more about his journey visit his blog here.

Mahek, is enamoured by the stained glass windows of the Victoria Terminus in Mumbai. Image courtesy Srini Swaminathan

Srini has an interesting program in place called the Different Careers and Dreams Workshop. Through these workshops the champions are introduced to different fields and career options to help them broaden their horizons.

I reached the school about thirty minutes earlier and as I approached the building entrance I recognized a familiar face. Kajal, one of Srini’s brilliant students greeted me with her precious smile. She often waits for Srini by the entrance but made an exception this time and sweetly offered to walk me up to her classroom.

Settling down and getting organized was a task but Srini handled it elegantly. The kids were disciplined and passionate. The children were introduced to the concept of architecture and design by the idea that while paintings are two-dimensional(sided), architecture is four-dimensional.

The first exercise titled ‘Where am I?’ required the children to guess some of the iconic buildings such as the Taj Mahal, VT station and the Gateway of India. Through this exercise they also learned about arches, towers and distinctive features on buildings that help us identify or recognize these iconic structures.

'My Classroom' wall map, Image courtesy Srini Swaminathan

Drawings are an essential part of the process of design and construction. In this next exercise, ‘My Classroom’ using a tape measure the children helped measure a wall and then plotted the elevation(wall map) onto gridded sheets provided. In a previous exercise Srini had asked the children to draw a map(plan) of their house and so this exercise helped build on that and introduced the kids to measurements.

(A) Calatrava's L’Hemisfèric at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain and (B) Sahba's Lotus Temple in Delhi. Image courtesy Srini Swaminathan

Lastly I shared with the children images of works by Santiago Calatrava, Zaha Hadid and Fariborz Sahba. The children were able to identify the imagery attached with Calatrava’s L’Hemisfèric (Planetarium) located at the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain and Sahba’s Lotus Temple located in Delhi. Hadid’s digital paintings that she then translates/ animates into massive sculptures/ buildings helped establish that architecture is not about just measuring walls and gridded paper.

Exercise 'My Creation,' Image courtesy Srini Swaminathan

The kids in the last exercise ‘My Creation,’ were each given an inspirational image that either had a pattern or an object and were required to use their power of imagination and draw/ paint their responses/ reaction. Some of the results amazed me and I think we may just have discovered our next Frank Lloyd Wright in Sahban.

Sahban's Creation, Image courtesy Srini Swaminathan

I gained a lot from the children as well and their cheerful smiles made my weekend truly delightful. Also Srini was very supportive and helped me reach out to the kids – they are truly the Responsible Champions!

Srini and Teach for India are raising funds for their classroom resources. If you would like to help Srini’s class and TFI then please do so by visiting Srini’s page at Give India here: Pledge Page. Give India will match your donation. Thanks!

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Architecture in India since 1990: a survey of the contemporary built environment in India

Image courtesy Pictor Publishing

Rahul Mehrotra a practicing architect and urban designer in Mumbai and Boston, where he also teaches at Harvard University was on a seven city tour in India to launch his most recent publication – Architecture in India: Since 1990.

In Mumbai the book was launched at Project88. Nestled in Colaba in a warehouse like building, this avant-garde and trendy gallery space, that earlier used to be a printing press made for an apt location for Mehrotra’s book launch.

In this survey of the contemporary Indian built environment Mehrotra classifies the buildings not based on typologies but places them under four lenses – Global Practice, Regional Manifestation, Alternate Practice and Counter Modernism.

Economic liberalization and rapid growth is influencing the architecture and planning of most Indian cities. The country as Mehrotra mentions is “plagued by an impatient capital and it is capitalism that is shaping our cities.” After independence as India looked to establish it’s identity iconic buildings were being built under the responsibility of the state. Today the state’s are engaged in building and developing Infrastructure.

Read the full article here Architecture in India since 1990: a survey of the contemporary built environment in India

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Brunch Paintings

This past Sunday the Bombay Brunch Brigade met at Candies, in Bandra. We were blessed to have Teach for India fellows – Anaka, Srini, Resham, Shweta and Shalini join us along with children from their respective classrooms. The multi leveled sky-garden at Candies was the perfect setting for an urban picnic.

It was wonderful to see some of the children dressed in uniforms and some in colourful informal gear. Anam quietly but cheerfully invited me to join her for some puzzle making. At the table there also were Aditya, Farhan, Hussain and Rohit. They were smart and competitive. In between slurping freshly squeezed watermelon juice and bites of mini red velvet cupcakes they pieced together Cinderella’s escape from the ball.

Anam sketching, Photo courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

Zoya and her colourful house, Photo courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

After some puzzle making the kids played dog and the bone, an essential out-door party game. While most of the kids were playing, Anam and Zoya chose to doodle – Anam was determined on illustrating her own Cinderella. She made sure that her Cinderella was fashionable, wore a patterned dress that was paired with magenta pink gloves. Zoya designed a colourful house that probably had a stained glass tiled roof with fluorescent yellow-green walls.

Nasreen gleefully narrated the story of Cinderella for the group. I enjoyed the part when she exclaimed that when the fairy godmother casts her spell she says, ‘Abra Kadabra.’ Her enthusiasm had to be seen to be felt.

One of the other TFI fellows, Anchal mentioned how teaching the kids has made him realize the importance of questioning everything and having an open mind that is curious. Interestingly I recently read somewhere that imagination is important for kids. It certainly is and most often we do not have to remind kids to imagine whereas we have to remind ourselves to be more creative and not worry so much about the result.

This was a fun-filled brunch and I am looking forward to more picnics and collaborations with the kids at TFI.

Bombay Brunch Brigade meets once a month. The purpose of this group is to meet  – have fun, find a travel partner, a date(may be), share brain farts and savour brunches. We will be exploring different brunch places all over Bombay. Join our Facebook group for the next brunch date and location information.

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Heartening brunch at Le Mill Cafe

Le Mill located in Wadi Bunder is one of the few places in Bombay still untouched by development. Hope that this neighbourhood does not go down the same path as Lower Parel. Designed by Ashiesh Shah this old mill is now a concept store that retails home accessories and fashion products.

Finding the place was a little troublesome but once we got there we realized it was not that difficult. Besides the white washed and white tiled walls the space has largely been kept intact reminiscent of the old mill.

Le Mill

Sitting in one corner of the mill is the cafe. At Le Mill the brunch deal allows you to call for an unlimited number of small plates, entrees and desserts. Alcohol is not included in the deal. The salmon on toast with cream cheese, garnished with onions and capers was excellent and made for a great brunch snack. The toast was made from fresh-baked bread. I could not help having two of those. The French toast and pancakes were terrific.  We are always thirsty so we called for a bottle of sparkling rose and then a Sula Dindori. By the end of the afternoon we had consumed about six bottles of wine but who is counting.

Instead of the eggs benedict I called for the eggs royale, which is similar to the eggs benedict but here the ham is substituted by salmon. Delicious, well poached eggs, fresh salmon and a buttery hollandaise left me very satisfied. I also had a big bite sized chicken burger with fresh creamy ricotta cheese rich in texture and mild in taste. Surprisingly good were the sautéed mushrooms on toast; well garnished and every bite was flavourful.

We had many newbies joining the brigade this time and for the first time architect’s were out numbered. The conversations ranged from sexuality to food to philanthropy. In between bites we wandered around the store. I confess without shame that I could not resist the king size bed and comforting cushions and a full stomach made it that much more inviting.

Having polished off all this food we still had room for dessert. The lemon poppy-seed cake was delightful and I find any dessert with lemon utterly irresistible. The Belgian cake had just the right amount of sweetness.

Great ambience, attentive service, delicious food and amazing company made for a perfect Sunday brunch. Being high on life as I walked out of the space I knocked down an earthen home accessory, which if I had broken would have cost me just as much as the brunch and as a friend remarked, “it had to be the ugliest thing in that store.”

Bombay Brunch Brigade meets once a month. The purpose of this group is to meet  – have fun, find a travel partner, a date(may be), share brain farts and savour brunches. We will be exploring different brunch places all over Bombay. Join our Facebook group for the next brunch date and location information.

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