Moments of experience

An architectural project is worked out answering a multitude of questions; which works to create an environment favourable for human activity. The quality of our life, the force of our memories, the importance of our day-to-day interpersonal exchanges, the reading of the environment, all these moments arouse in us emotions.


Domus India (May 2013)

Architecture is a constant dialogue between the built and the unbuilt, the realized and the desired. Two volumes of moments – one cool and one warm – one form-finished concrete tube that forms the central circulation spine for the house and three main rooms made to look like cabins finished in richly textured wood are held within this open plan under a cantilevered metal roof that floats above the verandah and reflects the tea gardens below.

This house designed by RMA Architects sits quaintly on a tea garden. It is designed to minimise the impact of it’s footprint on the landscape. Several mock-ups were built to determine the optimum location both from the perspective minimising impact as well as the framing of potential views.

To read further grab a copy of this month’s Domus (Indian Edition) or subscribe at Spenta Multimedia.

The first part of this essay is written by architect Ekta Idnany.

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