Context embedded processes

Is architecture context? Architecture is defined as architecture because it is set within a context and it has a strong and eloquent visual relationship with the environment. A building is always seen first as a part of the whole. Creating places and spaces that enrich the lives of the people who inhabit these spaces is the underlying principle that defines the work of most architects. Every building should engage in a dialogue with the beliefs and needs of a particular place. Place is to architecture as meaning is to language. A memory,  a story and any other significant connection – subliminal or physical contribute to the process of architecture.

Domus India 13 (Dec 2012)

Domus India 13 (Dec 2012)

Design process most often than not is embedded in the problem/ challenge. In an urban context, there are layers of systems and built environment to rely on for contextual information. However, in a non-urban context what is the approach? How does an architect tell a story of the place? What determines the style of architecture? Creating an environment involves designing for meaningful experiences – to do this, establishing a sense of place and engaging creatively within a community and its landscape enhances and reinforces this belief.

Mumbai-based KSA Architects and Planners has in the recent past been fortunate to have encountered three projects with varying programmatic requirements in three diverse cultural and topographical regions. All three projects have unique characteristics and site conditions that demand a site-specific response and are set in a non-urban context.

To read further grab a copy of this month’s Domus (Indian Edition) or subscribe atSpenta Multimedia.

The second part of this essay is written by architect Suprio Bhattacharjee.

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