Materiality of ideas

Architecture is the art of blending culture with emotions; it is multi-sensory and manifests itself through materials. Building materials and construction techniques act as mediators for this blending. Materials and their inherent qualities evoke feelings and reveal the meaning behind an idea. As Steven Holl stresses, “Total perception of architectural spaces depends as much on material and detail of the haptic realm as the taste of a meal depends on the flavours of authentic ingredients.”

Domus India 10 (Sept 2012)

When we look around us more often than not we come across a visual landscape where materials are chosen at the end of the design process, as if they are a mere afterthought, a colour of paint applied to the building after the design has been formulated. Whether in the classroom or in practice, one cannot consider design without regard to material. There are a growing number of practices today that in their individual capacity are trying to focus on informing architecture through materiality. Rahoul Singh Design Associates, based in New Delhi and led by Rahoul Singh, is one such practice that focusses on scale, locale and materiality during the design and construction process.

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