Brunch Happiness

Weekends are made for brunching — catching up with friends, lingering over a few (or many) belinis. With the Bombay night party scene taking a hit with numerous raids as Bombay cops see partying as the biggest threat there has never been a better time than now to support brunches around the city.

In the past few months Bombay Brunch Brigade has been to various spots for brunching…

Cricket on the beach.

Cricket on the beach, Image courtesy Amishi Parekh

Huzefa at Vie, Image courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

In December we were at the Vie Lounge & Deck, which is located on Juhu Beach with panoramic views of the sea. We chose to sit out on the deck under their huge umbrellas over sitting inside in their air-conditioned lounges. Outside as planes fly above, various groups play cricket and volleyball below.

with Anuja, Antariksh, Amrita and Abhik at Vie

with Anuja, Antariksh, Amrita and Abhik at Vie, Image courtesy Huzefa Rangwala

With an irresistible selection of cocktails where Vie fell short was the food. There literally was no food. Despite no food and incompetent service we revelled in the expansive view, danced till the sun went down and left with brunch happy faces.

with Abhik, Saurabh, Amishi, Amrita, Batul, Suddha and Shalini at Vie

In January after running the half-marathon we headed to Pizzeria(now Pizza by the Bay), which was the perfect place for refueling. The warm toasty pizza with greasy pepperoni and chilled beers was most refreshing. With it’s corner location and breezy views of the Arabian sea, it makes for one of Bombay’s best pizza joints. The aroma of fresh-baked pizzas lures you off the curb and the warm pizza is one of the most wonderful comfort foods.

In March we headed over to the Olive Bar & Kitchen at Mahalaxmi. This truly was a lazy brunch, which is what a brunch should be. The drinks light and refreshing. Their fresh-baked breads and especially the focaccia deserves a special mention, warm and buttery. Their spread includes fresh salads, grilled meats and savoury dips. They also served us their thin crust pepperoni pizzas that were not as desired. The Mojito’s were the drink for the day. With a range of baked goods and desserts to choose from the chocolate balls and tiramisu were decadent. Designed by Nozer Wadia and located near the Amateur Riders Club, the space is rustic and the service warm. Midway through brunch we saw Nozer a table away enjoying a lazy afternoon at Olive. (In the past we have been to Olive Bar and Kitchen in Bandra)

The Bombay brunch scene has a lot to offer and we have a lot more to explore. So if you are looking for a lazy fun-filled brunch experience then join the Bombay Brunch Brigade. If you know or have a favourite brunch place do post in the comments below! Happy Brunching!

Bombay Brunch Brigade meets once a month. The purpose of this group is to meet  – have fun, find a travel partner, a date(may be), share brain farts and savour brunches. We will be exploring different brunch places all over Bombay. Join our Facebook group for the next brunch date and location information.

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