Let down by LPQ!

After reading recently that Suzette a French creperie has opened up at Nariman Point I was looking forward to going there for breakfast on mother’s day. Unfortunately Suzette’s is closed on Sundays so I will have to visit it on another day. So instead we went for breakfast to Le Pain Quotidien, the Belgian chain’s first outlet that has opened up in Colaba. Strategically located near the Taj Hotel across from Indigo Deli and Moshe’s this joint is one of Bombay’s recent imports.

Bakery at Le Pain Quotidien

With a rustic charm and relaxed atmosphere one is transported to a Belgian countryside. Pinewood tables, walls finished in a rustic paint and an in-house bakery the space is inviting.

They have a breakfast menu that is served daily till 11am and about 3pm on the weekends.

We called for the Mediterranean platter which came with some cottage cheese, creamy humus and slices of fresh bread smeared with sun-dried tomatoes and black olives. The platter was delightful.

My mom called for the waffles with fresh fruit which was accompanied by some chocolate sauce. My sisters called for the French toast and crepes with a fruit compote both of which were good. My brother and I had the three egg omelette with tomato and basil. Before we ordered we were warned that the waffles would take 20mins. We said we do not mind – surprisingly the waffles arrived first. Then the rest of the orders arrived in a span of twenty minutes. Our servers did not seem to care that everyone’s orders arrived separately.

Since it is the mango season they are serving some specials with mangoes. We could not resist ordering the mango tart and the mango cheesecake. Both of which were really good. The tart had a creamy mango filling and was piled generously with fresh mango pieces and the mango cheese cake was evenly textured and fluffy. The desserts were the saving grace.

I am willing to give LPQ a second chance for it’s ambience and to experience the communal table. Barring the mango specials the food was ok but the management really needs to get their act together.

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