Studio X arrives in Bombay!

Studio X, a global network initiative by Columbia University had an opening reception on Feb 10th to announce it’s arrival in Bombay. After New York, Beijing, Rio and Jordan; Bombay is the fifth city to join this growing network of planners, architects, interior designers, engineers and all habitants of the city to help improve the social and cultural fabric of a city.

The space at Kitab Mahal across from the historic Victoria Terminus station or Chatrapatti Shivaji Terminus as it is known today is a well-preserved space. The space is inspiring and  apt for engaging in dialogues that will only enhance the growth of the city. The opening event was attended by Rajeev Thakker, director of Studio X,

'Architecture of Consequence' at Studio X - Kitab Mahal, Image courtesy Studio X

Mark Wigley, the dean of Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation. Also in attendance were members of NAi (Netherlands Architecture Institute). According to Wigley, Studio X will be a dedicated space for people to camp out in this maximum city – and enable research on the future of cities.

NAi also has an exhibit on display titled, ‘Architecture of Consequence.’ Through the exhibit NAi is sharing and showcasing ideas and highlighting solutions for problems faced in urban centers. The exhibit demonstrates that architecture will play a vital role in addressing the issues faced in cities and how it will be an agent for social transformation.

Opening Night at Studio X, Image courtesy Studio X

My only grouse with the exhibit was that there was too much to read and absorb and the visuals were weak. A friend of mine who also happens to be an amazing graphic designer felt the same.

The gathering at the reception and the free-flowing wine created a very New York like atmosphere – this is the closest I came to New York in the last six months.

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7 Responses to Studio X arrives in Bombay!

  1. Babygirl says:

    I love these photographs. This event looks interesting. Wonderful post.

  2. Marcia Mayne says:

    This sounds like an interesting initiative. Wonder how the cities are selected.

  3. Rajeev thakker says:

    I am glad that you came closer to NYC that evening but unfortunately openings are what they are… Difficult to absorb all the material being presented & more about making people aware of the potential of what has been put in front of them. Please go back and spend an afternoon there and go through the material. Its open until march end & It’s kind of like reading a dense book… It needs time & patience and although there’s no wine left… You can get a good cup of chai instead.

  4. Rajeev Thakker says:

    Kill 2 birds with one stone (no animals were harmed during that statement)
    Come to the book launch at Studio X Mumbai Friday march 4th at 630pm and you’ll get more fodder for your notepad….

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