San Qi, a vibrant dining experience

As a family we go out for dinner once a week or every fortnight. Last night we went to San Qi at the Four Seasons Hotel in Bombay. San-Qi means three energies and the space promises a new dining experience by serving four different kind of cuisines – Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Indian. A two level contemporary space with display kitchens and high ceilings. Use of light wood and glass gives the space a Zen like feel and the lighting was perfect – not too bright and not too dark. The tables were well spaced giving enough room for privacy and conversations.

It took a bit to decide what cuisine we wanted – we were not in a mood for Indian so that was definitely off the list. My family was not brave enough to try Japanese so we had a combination of Thai and Chinese. Though on my insistence we did call for Fugu (Japanese) – a lightly grilled globe fish that was served over some sea weeds on a block of ice. The poisonous puffer-fish is carefully sliced by a licensed chef and we were assured of that by our server. The presentation was good but the dish a little disappointing.

We began our meal with a prawn, red snapper and squid seafood salad (Thai) which was spicy and tangy at the same time – I was left with the desire for more. It was followed by some ginger prawns (Chinese) that were recommended to us by our server. I was skeptical at first cause ginger can be strong and pungent, the ginger prawns arrived on a bed of green sprouts and they were delectable. We had to fulfill our craving of some chicken satay (Thai) which were good. Lastly for appetizers we had the wok fried potatoes (Chinese) that were sweet and spicy and they melted in the mouth right away.

In between appetizers and main course our conversations became entertaining, my parents were quizzed on topics we normally would not dare ask and we all seemed to be enjoying the place a lot. Our server seemed amused as well when he dropped in on a conversation mid way with my dad asking my mom to go away so that he can get himself a new young wife from Thailand.

Green curry with prawns, eggplant and basil (Thai) with some sticky rice was the first main course. The curry was light but flavourful and the basil definitely potent. The curry was followed up by some fresh steamed sea bass with XO sauce (Chinese). I had never had XO sauce before which was spicy and complimented the steamed bass very well. Not exactly sure what the sauce consists of but I could detect onions, red chilli, garlic, ground black pepper and oil. We also had some pad thai with prawns that was brought out in a wok and was savoury.

After a very satisfying meal we were left with no room for desserts. Our server insisted we try some but we declined and therefore he suggested that next time we start with desserts. He was helpful and knowledgable. The space and experience stay true to it’s name as it certainly was an energetic dining experience. The food was exceptionaly good and the presentation marvelous but definitely left a dent in my dad’s wallet. As we walked out we spotted Bollywood actress Karisma Kapoor dining with her industrialist husband Sanjay Kapur and friends.

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