Feasting not Fasting.

Today the holy month of Ramzan comes to an end and tomorrow is Eid. After a month of fasting most people will be feasting tomorrow. Ramzan is the month in which the Quran was revealed. During Ramzan most Muslims refrain from drinking and eating from dawn to dusk. Fasting is intended to instill discipline, patience and humility.

(L)Walking on the footpath along Mohammed Ali Rd (R)Bookseller selling religious scriptures

I did not fast but I definitely could not resist feasting. Yesterday, it was pouring incessantly but the crowds braved the rains and headed towards Mohammed Ali Road’s Khau Galli(literally means Food Lane); a mecca for food lovers. Mohammed Ali Rd is blanketed by the JJ flyover and during the month of Ramzan it is dotted with lines of stalls and bright lights. Besides the sweet and savoury delicacies these stalls sell everything from traditional clothing, to shoes, to religious books to daily household objects.

(L)At Khau Galli with Suleiman Mithaiwala in the background (R)Suleiman Usman Bakery on Mohammed Ali Rd

During the month of Ramzan while driving over the JJ flyover, the aroma that rises above from Mohammed Ali Road below cannot be missed but yesterday the aroma was subtle as most of it was drowned by the rain and the hustle bustle.

Shy Sheep looks on as Loitering Lamb awaits to feast on Gurda Masala and Tandoori Chicken

I was accompanied by my friends; the loitering lamb and the shy sheep. They fasted all month-long and definitely deserved a feast. I shamelessly joined them and we gobbled up a Tandoori chicken (2 breast pieces and 2 leg pieces to be precise), Gurda Masala(goat kidneys cooked in a spicy masala) and washed it down with Thums Up. The food was definitely delicious and if you wish not to lose your appetite then it is recommended not to look down below on the footpath or the road as you consume these goodies. The roads and lanes were littered and the rains only made it slushy. Carrying a hand sanitizer is also recommended but in our excitement we forgot to carry one.

(L) Goat brains await to be cooked in foreground and marinated chicken sits to be skewered in the background (R) Skewered chicken and meat ready to be served

Then we decided to explore Khau Galli a bit further – we walked a few steps and stopped to try what was called Sandel (a sweet rice cake with a smooth finish). Unable to walk further in the rains we turned around and walked back towards a popular sweet shop called Suleiman Usman Mithaiwala and had Firni’s( a sweet rice pudding with cardamom and dry fruits) in earthen bowls. The Firni was definitely the highlight of the night.

(L) Man tossing Malpua's(fritters made with eggs, flour and sugar) (R) Firni

It is the month of festivities with Eid tomorrow and Ganesh Chaturthi(Lord Ganesha’s birthday and the day when he is invited into homes) on Saturday. After enjoying a wonderful feast last night I am now looking forward to the Biryani and Sheer Khurma(a dessert often made on Eid with vermicelli, milk, sugar and raisins and garnished with almonds) that my mom has promised me tomorrow! Eid Mubarak to all!

Bohri Muslim’s are celebrating Eid today and the rest of the Muslim’s will be celebrating Eid tomorrow.

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  1. Huzefa Rangwala says:

    Lol….. the Shy Sheep. Hahaha!

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