Do we care?

Mumbai 24x7

Informal set up at Art Desh

Art Desh Studio is an independant art gallery in Bombay set up by artitsts and art lovers that are looking to promote rising artitsts. One of the curators is a self made artist Gautam Potole. In his words, “The idea is to make art more accessible and bring artitsts and art lovers together in an informal setting.”

Mumbai 24x7

Selected works of Bhuwan Silhare from his show, 'Mumbai 24x7'

The studio at present lives on the ground floor of a residential tower in the Malabar Hill area. The exhibit on display was titled Mumbai 24×7 by artist Bhuwan Silhare. Silhare has captured historical locations using acrylic paints depicting a surrealistic view of Mumbai. His pieces are in stark contrast to Mumbai today as the paintings are devoid of the chaos that surrounds these historical landmarks such as the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Gateway of India, Flora Fountain and the Khada Parsi at Byculla.

This particular piece represents an old landmark of Mumbai called Khada Parsi (Standing Parsi). It is a statue of Shet Cursetjee Manockjee at Byculla. Besides Silhare’s painting is an image of the Khada Parsi as it stands today and it clearly indicates the daily abuse that is hurled at it by the traffic and pedestrians that seem least bothered to care.

(L) Bhuwan Silhare's Khada Parsi from his show Mumbai 24x7, (R) Image of Khada Parsi as it stands today

(L) Khada Parsi from Silhare's show, (R) Khada Parsi as of today.

This clearly indicates that Silhare is forewarning us that if we as residents of this city do not begin to care for our heitage then we will lose our places of interest and the city it’s character. To get involved contact Concern for Mumbai – a non profit organization set up to preserve the heritage and culture of Mumbai.

The gallery though informal needs better organization. The lack of a display system will definitely not deter me or my friend from visiting again.

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6 Responses to Do we care?

  1. Sania says:

    Kindly visit my gallery at Ballard estate as soon as you’re ok..

  2. I certainly will – Congrats on a successful opening last night.

  3. Dipti Bhatia says:

    Like Mr, Bhuwan SIlhare’s painting and his concerned about our city’s heritage and monuments Please upload some more art works by Mr. Bhuwan Silhare on mumbai city.
    Dipti Bhatia

  4. Mehul Teli says:

    Mumbai always fascinated Artist Bhuwan Silhare. He made a series of paintings in and around V.T.(CST) from different angles at different times and different seasons to bring out the best profile of the structures, to give back to the city which never failed to charm him. He recently held his solo exhibition of paintings – Mumbai Forever at the Kamalnayan Bajaj Art Gallery in Mumbai.

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